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3,464 Leads Over Two Years
If you have a business that's visually engaging, Facebook ads done the right way can bring in consistent leads all year long. I generated over 3,000 qualified leads for this client over the course of two years, creating the busiest two years in their history.
Position #1 In Under 4 Months On Google
After three and a half short months I've taken this rental company in Maui from top of page two & bottom of page two to the top 3 positions in Google for most of his most profitable keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical because if you're not in the top 3 results for your service keywords, you'll simply get no free business. This client had to rely 100% on Google ads to generate revenue. Now, his phone is "ringing off the hook" from his position in the google search results.

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3X Google Maps Views & Actions! 

Once my strategies kicked in, this client has seen a 2-3x increase in phone calls, website visits and directions requests. He is now in the top 3 of the Google Map Pack for almost all of his keywords, holding the #1 spot for most of them as well. 

220+ 5 Star Reviews in 6 Months!

With my review generation system implemented, they have received over 220 5 star Google reviews in the past six months.

Considering they had received just 146 total reviews in the past 10 years, this is a huge accomplishment that instills trust in searchers and converts them into customers.

My system filters out 1-3 star reviews to help you understand what problems customers are having that you can address immediately to create more loyalty and referrals!
Position #1 In Search Results in 3 Months
With jobs averaging over $5,000 each, this client wanted to make his commercial air duct cleaning service a top priority. However, he did NOT have a full page on his site dedicated to this service so on searches for "commercial air duct cleaning" in Las Vegas he wasn't even visible to searches.

After 2-3 months of page creation, on site optimization techniques, and external optimization techniques I implemented he is now the very first organic listing for commercial air duct cleaning, ensuring that he will be the very first business shown when potential customers search for this big ticket service anywhere in Las Vegas.
Ecommerce Revenue Case Study
This ecommerce company brought me in to identify revenue leaks and set them up for success in their Black Friday/Holiday push. I plugged revenue leaks and advertised in a unique way to increase their November revenue from $56,000 in 2017, to over $145,000 in 2018.

Thats a 163% increase in revenue through Facebook advertising and plugging revenue leaks.
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My expertise is broad, from eCommerce conversion rate optimization and automated email systems to local business customer generation. I have the skill set or the team to solve your most pressing online problems.
Search Engine Optimization
When it comes to search results, if you're not first your last. Stop sitting on page 2 or lower and not getting any new business. I'll make your website a sales machine getting consistent paying customers.
Website Design & Optimization
No matter how many people come to your website, if it sucks they're not buying. You need to have basic conversion elements in place to make them convert into happy customers. Get your analysis today to see if you need a site upgrade.
Facebook & Google Ads
SEO can completely transform your business, but it's not an overnight magic trick. I can bring high quality, paying customers within a few days with digital advertising solutions.
Customer Retention & Referral Systems
Increasing loyalty and referrals will have a major impact on your predictable revenue. With my tools you'll be a loyalty & referral machine. Ready to drive your Customer Acquisition Cost down?
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